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"Both of my boys are SOOO excited! It's the highlight of their summer."       -J.M.

"...favorite camp of all times!"                                          -C.O.

"Your camp is honestly THE BEST EVER!!! I'm so happy we found it and my son has made lifetime memories."     -A.W.

"I can't express to you how thankful we are for your camp.
What you do for our son's confidence, attitude, and overall character is priceless! Everytime I think about our son's experience, it makes me cry. So I'll simply say this... Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"             -D.M.         

"My usually shy and apprehensive son really blossomed more this summer thanks to the experience with all of you and the rest of the campers!"                   -P.M.

"The kids had a blast!"                                    -M.H.

"...we'll definitely be back next year!"                                          -E.B.

"We wouldn't miss it!"
Our son looks forward to this camp every year."                                         -N.E.

"...absolutely loved it!"

"We love you guys and everything about your camp!"           -J.C.

"...needless to say, my kids are pumped!"                    -S.M.

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Thank you once again for a great summer camp experience!

You all put so much care and dedication into running the justGametime camp. In today's hyper-competitive world, it is nice to know that there is a place that I can send Jacob where he can just have fun. Your counselors are amazing, the facilities ideal, and the activities just plain FUN!                               


"We are counting the days until camp!"                      -A.W.

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