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An outstanding coaching staff!
Encouragement is contagious...

"... the awesome coaches sure make the kids feel special and have amazing abilities to make each one feel quite special."   

"Thank you for molding our boys. It makes a difference and so do you!"

"This is always a highlight for our daughter. Clearly you have the recipe to make kids enjoy camp.
A parent's dream!"                                           -C.O.

A Neighborhood Sports Camp.

Different, unique, memorable...

Our summer sports camp is a place where kids can participate in the sports they love without the pressure and practice of traditional sports leagues and instructional camps.

justGametime replicates the fun you see in the movie "Sandlot."
Summer days, where kids get together with friends to play, compete, laugh and enjoy the outdoors, TOGETHER.
At justGametime we believe "kids make the best games."

justGametime sports camps are competitive, fun, energetic, and unique. Rather than focusing on one sport, we compete all day long in a variety of sports and games. 

Each week campers are placed on a college team. Teams rotate from sport to sport accumulating points. On Friday, our specialized awards are presented to each camper.

Great facilities, team coaches, t-shirts, announcers, and music contribute to the energy and the excitement of the camp.

Non-stop games include: Basketball, Baseball, Sand Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Wiffle Ball, Nuke'em, Home-Run Derby, Knock Out, World Cup and more.  "Come out and play."


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